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Hi! I’m Laureen. I’m a wedding, newborn & lifestyle photographer based in Ofcolaco Limpopo.My heart yearns for adventure, a good book(when i have time)or movie and laugh attacks so hard they make your whole body sore. My husband is my best friend, Hot Wings = my weakness, and photography is my passion. I’m a firm believer in God, incredible Mexican food, October, shoes, Freddy Jeans, good music, and of course the art of photography.Want to know what makes my world go 'round? My selfless husband, Andries, and our two beautiful & wild but ridiculously adorable children, Lente & Andries .They are my why.My reason.I’m inspired by people and their stories(specially children); laughter and love; beautiful spaces, nature & simplicity; sunsets and beautiful light.I strive to create stunning, real photos that truly capture the emotion of a moment. I want to tell your story and capture that special connection through spontaneous, fun, and breathtaking imagery that will be cherished for years to come. I have a love for all things natural, real and free-spirited. I adore moody images that come from beautiful light.Over & out.


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